Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Windows to Linux File transfer

The below mentioned Hardware requirements are need to complete this scenario.
PCI Network Port - 1

Default network port it attached by motherboard.

Step: 1

You having the two network port in one machine,

One should be configured in linux and second one should be configured in windows.

.Windows – 10.XX.XX.XX

Linux – 10.XX.XX.XX

1.2          Configuring the Secondary port.

You could reserve the particular IP for windows and both cable should be connected to machine , You need to be create the share folder in that particular machine.

Step: 2

Create any folder on the below it should be perform in windows.
รจ     E:File_share/

Step: 3


You need to mount the “file_share” folder in the particular linux machine.
The below command for mounting the “file_share” directory.

mount.cifs  //10.20.33.XX/file_share/ /mnt –o sysadmin= administrator

it was promoting the password for the “administrator”

You should be given administrator password : ? which one you have.

             That's is you can able to transfer the file to windows to linux